Frequently Asked Questions

Because you're curious and just want to know...

What does the NFCV do?

We heighten awareness of pediatric vision care among consumers, educators, and healthcare providers. We seek to facilitate programs and communication that will help children get the eye health care that we believe that every child should have available to him or her.

Who runs the NFCV?

We're a part of the Nebraska Optometric Association, which is an organization of Optometrists in the state of Nebraska. We are eye health professionals that care deeply about kids' eye health.

Why are Educators so important for this cause?

Educators, including teachers, administrators, and school nurses, often get to see kids in their learning environment, and if they know the signs to look for, can be very helpful in noticing and then directing kids to the vision resources available to get the care they need, and ultimately help in their learning. Check out our Warning Signs page for what to look for.

How do I get a FREE eye exam for my 3-year-old?

See To Learn is a great program, which provides free eye exams for 3-year-olds. Check out the See To Learn page for more details about the program and how to find a doctor.

Why go to an optometrist if the child has already had a vision screening with a pediatrician?

Just like there are other medical specialties, optometrists are highly trained in eye health, and have the right equipment to properly check many facets of eye health that a pediatrician may be unable to do in their office. Depending on a child's visual needs, they may be able to "fake it" (meaning their brain is working hard to compensate), they have issues where their eyes don't cooperate with one another very well, or there could be many other subtle problems that can be difficult to diagnose without the proper training and equipment. These issues, even though they are subtle, can have a great impact on the child's ability to learn and can even lead to misbehavior.