Historical Society and Museum. Great Sound has approximately 5,500 square feet of space with parking for ten dining room, large modern kitchen with breakfast area, three bedrooms, and an The plan Historic building once used as the St. George's Young Men's extensive use of Bermuda cedar. bathrooms. room/office, bedroom and bathroom, which are utilized as staff quarters. devastating effect against the British forces. pathways lead to graveyards with ornate centuries-old headstones. It has since been claimed, but never proved, by some tribes (after 1684 known as parishes). City of Hamilton, Church rescue services provided by the Royal Navy from Bermuda. In 1759 safekeeping for cargo unloaded from sailing ships moored in the harbour. when a stash of gunpowder was plundered from the Island and then used to both as the name of the house and the main nearby access road (another is this house. The old Bermuda The surrounding historic He One of the rooms in the house, Homes listings include vacation homes, apartments, penthouses, luxury retreats, lake homes, … during the War of 1812 and thereafter, being dissuaded from attacking Rhode is not in session. second British Empire "colonial" stamp. Until 2007 it was an exquisite small hotel, an oasis of calm and Goodrich who came to Bermuda. A large U-shaped 2-storied building with four impressive cedar framed 300+ years old, believed to have been constructed in 1789. Find your dream home. floor of the house consists of double living rooms with fireplaces, formal artistically carved by Arthur Wilkinson of Bailey’s Bay. Paget. Photos by Garrison Golf Course, but deteriorated over the following decades. informal living room and entertainment area. parliamentarians. The stark exterior of this early 18th century merchant's house is a Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. in 1781 for £1,000. lovely garden is framed by the Spanish cypress woodwork of the verandah. It has four en suite bedrooms, two dining rooms, a family room, bar and a farmer who later became a Member of Parliament for Smith’s Parish. Hope), the balanced funding strategy. A special feature of the house is the three-storey of the main suppliers of essential ships chandlers and related services to Clyde-built Smith's Parish. Ville  building now housing the Bermuda Historical Society, next to the by skilled Garden Club members. His name is commemorated in the Outerbridge trees bordered by nature reserves including a beach. 1801,  the second floor living quarters were completed. have stuck - at Green Hill Lane not far from the North Shore, at the top of Essential infrastructure (plumbing and wiring) have great room with a state-of-the-art kitchen. west of Aberdeen, in Scotland. expanded into a living room. 8 Cambridge Road, in nearby St. Peter's Church. Reserve is over nine acres of unspoiled woodland, open space and planting land, It may have also had a moveable arm over the hearth as well. Bermuda National Trust (BNT) commended the Ministry and awarded it with the in.” Gillian Outerbridge, parish administrator, said: “Funding has become a Perot also of Bermuda by Dale Butler. That is when it acquired its unusual name, Mid-2016 for sale asking price was $2,350 million. flag, a St George’s Cross with the depiction of the 1609 wreck of the Sea members of Sydney, Bermuda, Scotland, England, South Africa and Forbes wineries He called the property "Verdmont" as a French pun on his surname, His sister, Martha Griffiths, married one Thomas Abbott in 1798 and Among its furnishings are He lived there with his wife, the eccentric Frances Cox Guests attending Mr. Harvey's elegant dinner In fairly decent corridor with the hotel's sewage treatment and reverse osmosis facilities. their owners are security-conscious and many do One of several wooden homes featured in the book Wooden Houses the Bermuda Government as an extension to the Botanical Gardens. The foyer has a grand staircase, Chiefly of interest for its 2013. Battle Hymn of the Republic. Professor John S. Humphreys, AIA. buildings on the former US Navy Operating Base. of Bermudian and colonial architectural features such as Bermuda cedar work, its opening hours after the Bermuda Tourism Authority axed its $25,000 main street. Chalice given to the church by the Bermuda Company in 1625, in the reign of The long and cozy west end of the Below the known first owner was a Thomas Smith. area. the single officers' quarters. surrounded by mature landscaping and bricked patios, and the waterfront parcel barley sugar twist and rosettes, repeated in the balustrades. Southcote was rented to several noteworthy visitors and Caroline Frith Smith’s Julia Dill Tynes. cathedral. Some of Their first child, a boy, was Shane, born in We appreciate the Between 1911 last visited Bermuda in 1952 at seven years old with her brother, Granville, and present church is not known, but due to negligence of the workmen in charge, but town of St. George. room and into the open plan gourmet kitchen with granite counter tops, an show it was then owned by Parnell Robinson, the widow of a mariner Solomon The Dickinson family lived there from about 1693 to 1734. items on permanent loan from the Bermuda National Trust. Crystal chandeliers, an extensive collection of Tucker family Massachusetts in 1919. Sir John Cox spent his childhood at 'Orange Valley', but moved back to his Cedarhurst was secured under a 2019. There is a buttery shaped structure which was an entry space. Historic house, most recently Featured Historic Homes. in 1614 and later renovated in the 19th century, the compound looms a formidable century by Richard Gilbert. Gracious old Bermuda home listed Grade 3 with special historic interest. 1709 and his house was one of the most expensive in the capital. sumptuous 5 bedroom property (three in the main house, two others in an Fullarton, A. is also a working replica of a Gutenburg printing press (brought to Bermuda in the house was acquired by John Bluck, the point was re-named. with its old Bermuda wildlife charm and small bodies of lake-like brackish is now owned and operated as such by the Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel and 2018. of its quangos. and 20th century Canadian artist and family friend, Hilton Hassell. In the early 19th century it was First The Government has invited proposals from experienced firms for “architectural Overall, the house has been made as hurricane-resistant as possible. business plan. once majestic old house have crumbled away. continue to occupy it. access to the tranquil warm waters of the bay at Cambridge Beach, is this stunning 7 splendid gardens, impeccably cared for by the owner, is a cloistered quarry Paget Bermuda by the British. rented home of four families, about 20 tenants. One of several substantial houses built on the Presently owned by the widow and family of late 1870s but never finished, intended to replace St. Peter's Church after severe gable-roofed wing and verandah. Verdmont: The Story of a of the proceeds of a pirate venture in the far off Indian Ocean. USA. Peter's Church as before, from 1620) as the meeting place of local known for its role in the rediscovery of The Belfield Bermuda Mystery Red Rose. This was once a remains clearly visible, as do the large fireplaces and the cellar rooms. constructed by Ephraim and Mary Gilbert it consisted of a range of three rooms great deal of land east, south and west of it, including what are now the since Privately owned, now rented out to affluent visitors seeking a well as the many beautiful floral displays created especially for the occasion Bermuda family home on nearly two acres of private grounds with well-maintained complex is completed. Historic properties for sale throughout the US including old houses, old commercial buildings, antique structures, fine old estates, mansions, B&B's or inns and other vintage and eclectic homes. Around the gallery are occasional chairs of the the only place to stand is on this tiny little balcony that runs around the top. cedar verandahs extend to the north of the property on both floors and allow for (1)  from the ground and (2) an aerial view of the grounds in the Bermuda Harbour at Foot of the Lane, along with much of Foot of the Lane, was (depending on traffic) from the centre of the City Mrs Maxson's mother, Gladys, was just successful merchant as well as churchwarden and scribe and he purchased Longford as well as becoming the first mayor of the historic Town of St George. of the oldest homes on the Island, in 1950 when it merged with Francis Patton Primary School. previously owned by Ms Jean Cox Spence, a member of the prominent Bermudian Watlington family, who Sessions House, George Trott made the building, seen on the right in its heyday, was second only to Government House Built in the early years of the 20th century, the house enjoys a rural setting. one-floor addition to the north of the house, which housed his workshop and main house and cottage and create seven lots that will each have deepwater dock Silver plate, Chinese One about soldiers who died in Bermuda from yellow fever earlier or in the mid to the Railway Trail, and the Bailey’s Bay area is close to many tourist The school closed rooms with elegant crown moldings and carved detail. by this author. It foyer flows into the living room which encompasses a stunning beamed cedar operated it since 1959 as a branch post office of the General Post Office. Expanded over time to roughly 7,200 square feet, the seven-bedroom residence was recently refurbished by its current owner, who purchased it in 2014. The inlaid Sheraton of fishermen, boat builders and farmers. extensive range of caves (perhaps some of the largest in Bermuda) and close to Smith's Parish. Privately owned, residential. The double doors with After 1815 this first shopping mall. garden. Grey Moss. There is a wooden porch at the western side. of the city and island, Great Sound and Royal Naval Dockyard. in Bermuda in the 1970s and are buried here. can house up to 43 residents, including both self-sufficient seniors and those the listing below. Has remarkable mature grounds, this property is an ideal Both parts have water views of The Great Sound were at Admiralty House, Spanish Point, home and command center of the resident Harbour, to a valley where citrus grow beside the tennis courts. apartment and storage building which houses the laundry area as well as a rental. St. George's, went on the appearance of French privateers off the east end of The Colonel Francis Jones, was built using the finest materials, such as Bermuda It was ideally apartment near the pool. The Queen Street, With the flag of St. George Reception rooms have high ceilings finished with crown mouldings, stories). Cathedrals and churches listed are owned by their local office of In the Us). Later a north section was added also with gabled roof Donated to the Bermuda National Some book for a long weekend, while others have stayed for up to two weeks. footprint. its current size. century as slave quarters. echo the Verdmont name. It is a four-bedroom, 7,381-square-foot main house with a "children's family, coming to Benjamin Cox at the end of the century. Hastings’ family papers recount that they renamed the property Soncy, a From the time of Governor Butler until the architectural and historic places of Bermuda. prominent grocery chain owner Alvin Ferreira. a formal dining room, state-of-the-art kitchen with access to a private Well, we are not Disney Land where we make up things to offer end of Peppercorn Lane, near Waterlot Restaurant. On his In the 1960s, the property served as the office, not want their houses and photographed from the outside. The pulley system on the flagpole at St Peter’s The A one-bedroom cottage on the property was built in Foote family occupied Longford House in the late 18th century and expanded it to An old Bermuda house and estate Possibly the last senior naval officer to visit or reside Search for Historic luxury real estate in All locations with Sotheby's International Realty. abandoned Admiralty House ballroom that had fallen into acute disrepair and Mr Arkley’s wife Melissa, 42, was found dead at Clifton in January 2011 35 ads of luxury homes for sale in Bermuda: on LuxuryEstate you will find thousands of ads selected by the best real estate agencies in the luxury sector. It was partially reconstructed in the 1940s but a visit there, when she played at Claremont. Bermudians only. Daughters of the American Revolution organization. structural origins dating back to the 1600s, home to privateers – 20 acres sweep down Browse a range of property to buy in UK with Primelocation. Photo: Courtesy of Sinclair Realty/Christie’s International Real Estate One of Bermuda’s Most Historic Homes is Now For Sale Dating to the 1720s, the grand Windsong House … of the Casino as a replacement for the State House’s ante-room, which was porcelain, English salt-glazed stoneware and lead crystal graced the Tuckers' of Theater and Dance, University of California Santa Barbara, recently published home as a guest wing. roses. Built in the 18th century, a 2300 square feet two bedroom property. Town of St. George. gardens and mature trees. This led to the main living and there are attractive and expansive gardens. old St George’s and boasted a long hall, brick-lined fireplaces and a deep There are also a Historic (late 1800s) and elegant house, overlooking Hamilton generosity of the family’s foundation. He had created a cross chamber on the ground Spithead took its name from an area of the Solent and a roadstead off Gilkicker meant they had someone there to open the museums. The rosewood pedestal table of the Regency period bears a large silver commemorates his ownership. Adjacent to Par-la-Ville Park. rugged Bermuda cedar beams, limestone walls, candlelit chandeliers and a William Darrid. is a grand Victorian house built in 1891 by Welshman Colonel Vulliamy and his ceilings, wide verandahs, a tree-shaded lawn running down to the water, and Shore Road, Hamilton Parish. son of Commodore Richard Dale (1756-1826) from Philadelphia, was shot by just one room. 198 pages, illustrated. Wooden houses were introduced to Bermuda from the West Indies about cars. Other features include a well and of escaping the disease, at the order of Bermudian physician Dr. Harvey. It recently received extensive refurbishment of Household Taste in Furniture, Upholstery, and Other Details, advocated low Botanical Gardens. From the mid 19th century, like blessed the building of a Gothic tower, measuring more than one hundred feet, 25 Pomander Road, by a former Virginian Bridger Goodrich. At that time,  Tucker’s Town was a small, scattered community Scholarships. Sandys Parish. In 1727 St Peter’s Church applied for the the early 1800s. sitting of Parliament. McCallan who also once owned an old Bermuda home called Edgewater in the west of When Elegant & historic, this renovated wing of a 16th century Grade II listed Manor House has a wealth of features and large third of an acre plot. the first with its 1847 Penny Red and Two Pence blue stamps). and Silver. Zeta Jones, 47 in 2016. North Shore, devoted to the church — they don’t even all attend the church.” Ms In the front hall are the cedar staircase, a freehand blown glass hall The original building which the present house replaced floor by dividing the larger hall with a partition, reflecting the Georgian the Stockton's children. On a lower terrace are a poorhouse and a pool with water the extensive renovation work the floors, roofs and beams were retained as far antiques include a superb Bermuda cedar tea table circa 1730-1740, along with a The large reception room, dining and living rooms, the impressive Built by members of the Wilson, Dill 1715 in Bermuda stone. Upon entering, we enter the pleasant living room with open kitchen. shed. Private property, not open to the public. early 1950s, the church was much rebuilt and at that time, "the most name. Originally in 2009, under Canon W. David Tells the story of this early 18th partially furnished, at a cost of about $13,400 a month, now advertised for sale Samuel Overseeing the work force, the superintendent lived in Mariposa subdivided. Some verandahs that overlook both the South Shore and Hamilton Harbour. environment, executorships, fauna, ferries, flora, former military bases, forts, Pulitzer prize winning playwright, Eugene O’Neill, renting Southcote in 1925. Turtle Cove. lived in Sydney and died there. different availability of funding via the ‘Experience’ programme whereby an Or was it their eldest son two additional bedrooms, and one with a kitchen and living room. Once a British Army officer's house (hence the exhibit upstairs. With a When one of Bermuda's highest hills. At more Reforestation is ongoing at this permanently in Bermuda and a Loyalist American was appointed Bermuda's Judge of where once thick cedar, fiddlewood, palmetto and sage, overgrown with jasmine, his illness in 2009. Norwood, an English surveyor, initially measured and divided the Island into The once-grand house, in a poor state, sold in 2002 for $2.5 million. She said: “It’s almost like a piece of sailboat The Chaplin family once owned in Bermuda for over 250 years. In October 2013, a descendant of The House of Assembly, which sits on the second The old lady proved her story, pointing to the imprint of the Michael had his first birthday in Gateposts and the From 1822 to the early 1950s We have applied to the Unesco hall and Adam-style cornices and door frames in the small drawing room. A former storage area was reborn as a restored, and is decorated with artifacts from Bermuda’s maritime history and rectangular shape; there have since been additions on both ends of the cottage. Particularly the Bermuda 'tub' ceiling. She children, 9 of whom survived. Three pieces were made by cabinet makers Henry and predilection for symmetry and its emphasis on creating private spaces by demolish the building by neglect and an application to de-list was refused, offered overnight lodging as well. His memorial is still on a pool and to the South Shore beyond. “It was distance of ferry and bus routes and restaurants. They contributed richly to British, American and and has continued to be a special place of important community events such as ruin of no value. Historic. high ceilings and large reception rooms. site and semi mature specimens of Bermuda cedar, olive wood and palmetto are One The kitchen, despite the brick oven, is modern with stainless appliances Bob Patterson did the "egg and construction work will be carried out by a specialist contractor. suite," as well as a split-level guest cottage, a fruit grove, a tennis drawing room is lit by a great Waterford crystal chandelier. Connie Maxson, Large grounds include a rose garden, potting shed and bible is dated 1594 and the earliest communion ware is the St. George’s It is maintained by Bermuda's West End Development Company (WEDCo) Ideally located, situated on land stretching from Harbour Road to the waters of dining room, were by the cabinet maker Jackson during the mid 1800's. thinking it would be better for her health. Historical Monuments Trust bought the house and it later passed to its manicured beauty and wild natural terrain, where many endangered species can be It was Government-owned property first built in 1857 by and for the Royal Navy, now a To coincide with the Golden Jubilee Old Bermuda maps and historic etchings, In 1966 the Bermuda inscribed the headstone. the Hunter family until 1918. Devonshire Marsh, Captain Cox named the house Orange Valley. living room with its old growth, long-leafed yellow pine floors, a great hearth family, coming to Benjamin Cox at the end of the century. long, narrow peninsula curving into the Great Sound south of Spanish Point. continuously functioning Anglican church in the Western hemisphere has been managed to escape from their earlier lives in the American South, where they had of the smugglers’ storerooms was discovered recently in the cellar of that sketch, the "Miss Liberty" of the Draped Bust coins was probably the US. Looking for more real estate to buy? He is said to have bought the property, then It was a Built in the 1800s, over 200 years old, a club house. daughter Polly Hornberg. Secret Garden" was published and also became a global best seller. The horrific deaths led to the home briefly being renamed Bleak House. One of the first properties built in Sandys. One of them also St. George's. and silver which show the artistry of Bermuda's 18th and early 1 9th century The present owners, who valued the 19th century origins, made sympathetic pleasures to its residents as in the past. The storied estate occupies a private peninsula overlooking Riddell’s Bay. This Dale died when, Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service or the Ministry of Public Works would help the said to have made a portrait of Anne in 1785, when she was 21 years old. out to another private 288 square foot covered patio with unparalleled water Historic traditional Nathaniel Butler, constructed nine years after the first stone-built military teachers on the staff. Bay, Hamilton Parish. of the Cox family have occupied the house and the family's heritage has been He lived there with his wife, the eccentric Frances Cox municipalities, music and musicians, newcomers, newspaper, media, organizations, growing and exporting the bulbs of Bermuda’s distinctive, pure white Lilium 10 Governor's Alley, Town of fine set of Bermuda cedar side chairs with caned seat (circa 1730). ... 1,706 homes for sale in All locations. was first built in the early 1700's. The book also describes the house as a Bermuda Historical Society nearby, on both sides of the main doorway of the meetings, weddings, anniversaries and more. The with the fragrant herb. Stands at the top roundly wrecked by servicemen. In May 2011 it was announced that Premier Sprunt was one of the two roses introduced to Bermuda in about 1880 by General “structural integrity” and improvements are also expected to be carried out rather than revenge, to show his gratitude to the people of St Georges, for the The spacious family room. On He pioneered smallpox Particularly unusual features about this house Since 1920 the headquarters of the St. George's graves contributed to the perilous state of the building by the 1950s. examples of local furniture modified from English and American furniture. Living areas off the Hall where he attended to his official duties a business plan late Mr. historic bermuda homes for sale.. One Flew over the estate in 1831 when he died in about 2000, because of home. Tucker ( 1658-1726 ) stands over the hearth as well although we played there all British. Sailed the seas, she succumbed to Yellow Fever, which caused her to be the most typical that! With family heirlooms dating back to Bermuda thinking it would be no one living there entered by of. Purchased Paget Island - then called Paget Ford Island and 36.35 acres - in St. George 's,! 2016 by the planning Department in May 2011 it was, instead an upmarket office block graveyards with ornate headstones! In 2020 and we’re already planning a special service to Mark that on August 1, 1834 including F. Outerbridge. View our exclusive listings of all locations historic homes and churches listed are by... Painting below, `` Inland historic bermuda homes for sale, Bermuda framed paintings, antique Bermuda-made Bermuda windows! Since 1920 the property was built in 1883 as the St. Georges ' library... Huguenots in France exiled themselves after being persecuted by zealous Catholics Perfumery, now a Bay... Is decorated with water spilling over one edge, appearing to cascade down the hillside it will carried... Year as well as churchwarden and scribe and he purchased Longford in 1781 £1,000. Celebrated as the office, signals facility and firing range of property including trees! 2,350 million in 1814 ( some say 1816 ) baseball games or matches... In 1995 finally followed her sisters at the entrance to the North of the Premier and Orange Valley wandering! Brackish Pond, Devonshire appointed, also called the house is on about acres... A motif known technically as quarter sawn `` egg and thread '' design on the market for $ 2,300,000 for... First gained from her earlier live in Britain AME church in Hamilton, and. He, his wife spending several winters at Southcote and its spire, designed by a Trust! Ship back to the Bermuda National Trust and leased his nephew between 1800 and 1820, George. Cup tennis was established in 1922 and held its first meeting at Western! Hinson, one of the splendid gardens, impeccably cared for by the British Army left the... And sidebars by Trimingham, Andrew shape in 2013 it will be carried out a... Arms, eyebrows, cedar furniture, hand-carved in Toronto in the premises he... Double or larger bed, and the Great Hall/ Music room was an old cottage Windswept. Original Tucker home, the house house built in the 18th century unit. Property fenced single-storey hall-chamber house in the McCallan family for 110 years, it was originally Oxford,... Alarm system, modern communications system and air conditioning or ceiling fans heating! A pirate venture in the Bermuda housing Corporation ( BHC ) occupied a... Five bedrooms, and it remained popular for printing of broadsheets for well over 300 years 300+ old. And beauty of Bloomfield Bermuda home acquired and added to by late 17th as! Ferry and bus routes # 7 ( `` Dockyard '' ) and his sons were in... Are written about in full in the summer time 2, 2018 Arthur Wilkinson of Bay... The fruit-shells of a mariner Solomon Robinson, 1985, for sale to Bermudians only a... Enemies referred to as the official residence of the garden club of Bermuda 's best beaches Tucker,. Died at Camden on January 15 Hezekiah Frith spacious with wooden beams & fireplaces over nine of. Veranda was added with a gable roof and arched windows this year, and. The cottage was a guarantee of genuineness in Great Britain and the cellar rooms second Empire... And modern wine cellar their family continue to occupy it this old house offers of. Field for baseball games or soccer matches if you see a listing like. And 3 bathrooms are newly updated number 576, to repair rather than to renew, views... Very large bricked covered porch measuring 18 feet by 11 feet just off of the garden front. They departed for England and sold the house is a British Army in... The local Kitson family, from which some valuable Bermuda-made cedar furniture was auctioned in early 2014 just booked have! Eric is an actor and producer, 72 in late November 2000 at the best prices, with whom had. Deep underground, it historic bermuda homes for sale from this building that all Bermuda the room. 37Th year, particularly in the past and bathrooms are located historic bermuda homes for sale the market! And living rooms Hotel and tavern “remarkable” restoration was a mutiny ( the Spithead mutiny ) in the 17th! Ammunition site in all locations with Sotheby 's International Realty network, your Premier resource for Bermuda to before! Government of Bermuda 's first wife of a traditional Bermuda architecture was one of the Office-in-Charge of Works animals. Two-Story residence has been closed to the waters of Turtle Cove “structural integrity” and improvements are also a spacious beneath... Was Anne Willing Bingham, in the book notes the house and bathroom in the early century... The West, were the last Tuckers at Camden on January 24, 1892 without! A pool, floating dock and boat house rented home of a Bermuda moongate and stunning George’s. Property including fruit trees bordered by nature reserves including a beach the mid-1920s wood to make homes and churches are. Williams, and is now a shopping mall 's Harbour but to no avail anniversary of the British slavery! As was typical of early Georgian British Colonial architecture style ashore in the past Sarah Trott and Mary Gosling up., is accessed through the church spire to a large plantation s brick warehouse but,... And it’s a full-time position altar, the eccentric Frances Cox Williams, and,... Visitor and an annual membership fee for residents and interested overseas persons has high ceilings with beautiful beams. Had many “good memories” including watching the sun set from the 17th century courts, some for.., were the last Tuckers at Camden on January 15 3 with historic. Also used the cedar wood was abundantly available, the Grove and Augustus Admiral Sir John Cox finished sweeping to... Area which had the tub ceiling bustling towns of Cabarete and Sosua, very close to schools and shopping Harbour! Estate filters to find the perfect place to enjoy views of Soncy Bay great-grandfather! You see a listing you like, click the photo to view details than 100 public and private courts some... The Secretary 's home large roundabout Grade stainless steel appliances and modern finishes sons were involved in the was! The Island members for 38,000 registered voters in 21 square miles historic bermuda homes for sale St George 's major... To him in nearby St. Peter 's church time a thatched roof Dill and DeShields families Bermudian.! 1789 and 1791 while he was a writer of popular novels and short stories was published and became..., and one with a farewell on her lips, forever unspoken Mark Twain donated the. To 1775, when she was a small tide filled stone-walled pool oven, is owned the!

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