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Who We Are

About NFCV

The Nebraska Foundation for Children’s Vision works to ensure that every child entering school in Nebraska is visually ready to learn through providing educational materials and resources for children, parents, educators, health care providers, and others concerning the crucial relationship between vision and learning.

Since 2001, the foundation has connected key stakeholders in the education, development, and eye health of children, including teachers, school administrators, school nurses, Doctors of Optometry, state policy makers, special education professionals, and more. Through collaborative efforts:

We help parents and educators better identify vision care needs of children.  Most vision screenings don't evaluate the multiple aspects of vision that affect learning.  And most children don't know what 'normal' vision looks like, so they often won't know if there's something abnormal about what they see or how they read.  As a result, 1 in 5 children entering school has an undetected vision deficiency that could impact their academic performance or lifestyle. Through better awareness, expanded access to resources, and more comprehensive vision evaluations, we can reduce that number.

We help connect parents and children with the vision care they need, through a Doctor Locator service, statewide public service programs, and a compilation of charitable care options for underserved families.