If a child cannot see
a child cannot read.

If a child cannot read
a child cannot learn.
Kids reading and writing Most Vision Problems Affecting School Performance Can Be Caught with a Comprehensive Vision Exam.

What We Do

Helping Children See

One in Four U.S. Students Missing the Equivalent of 135 Days of School Content each School Year

Nearly all tasks a child performs in the classroom depend on healthy visual skills. Research indicates that students
with undetected and untreated vision disorders (i.e., one in four students), miss a shocking 75 to 90 percent of all learning (the equivalent of 135 days of school content annually), due to hidden vision challenges (i.e., binocular vision challenges and non-myopic I non-nearsighted refractive errors) that make them unable to cognitively process classroom information.

Warning Signs of Potential Vision Problems

  • Child becomes easily distracted
  • Avoids near tasks
  • Has emotional outbursts
  • Poor self image
  • Shows aggressive behavior
  • Low comprehension
  • Poor concentration
  • Fails to complete assignments
  • Frustrated with school
  • Exaggerated head movements
  • Loses place and skips lines
  • Very close reading distance
  • Has no voice inflection when reading
  • Rapidly fatigues when reading