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Sight For School Fund

There are numerous options available across the state for charitable vision care for children. Many eye doctors offer pro bono care for underserved patients. However, for children who do not qualify for any of those programs, or who do not have access to existing charitable care options, the NFCV Sight For School Fund can be an alternative of last resort. 

The Sight For School Fund will reimburse eye doctors at Medicaid-allowable rates for the costs of providing eye exams or eyewear.  School nurses are asked to exhaust any other options for helping to obtain charitable care for students before applying for Sight For School Fund assistance.

Complete the following form, or contact the Nebraska Foundation for Children's Vision for details on the Sight For School Fund.


Sight for School Vision Fund Authorization Request/Application

Requests for funding must be submitted by a school nurse to Once received and reviewed, a Nebraska Foundation for Children's Vision (NFCV) representative will follow up. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the NFCV office at 402-474-7716. Thank you!

Have you exhausted all available options listed in this document?
Does the child have access to transportation for an office visit ideally within their zip code?