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See To Learn

See To Learn® Program

Free vision assessments for any 3-year-old in Nebraska.

Good vision is critical to learning. Yet, young children often don’t realize they cannot see. And there are many problems that can't be detected by typical pediatric screenings.

See To Learn® optometrists provide FREE vision assessments for any 3-year-old, regardless of economic status. See to Learn assessments check a broader range of visual skills and abilities than a typical pediatric screening.

It is essential to determine that the visual system is working properly as 3-year-olds are just beginning preschool and are engaged in developmentally-appropriate learning. The visual system develops like all neurological development. If problems go undetected, visual development is often delayed or halted and learning is greatly complicated for a child that cannot see properly.

What is See To Learn®?

See To Learn® is a three-step preventative health program designed by the Eye Care Council in Kansas to ensure that kindergarten children entering school can see to learn. This program also educates parents and teachers about the warning signs of vision problems in all school-age children.

  1. Ongoing education to alert parents and educators about the signs of vision problems in children of any age.
  2. A free vision assessment for your three-year old by a participating Eye Care Council eye care professional. This is designed to detect vision conditions that
    require correction at an early age.
  3. A professional vision examination by an eye care professional paid for by, the parent before or during the child’s first year of school. This is an important investment that will help ensure that vision problems do not affect a child’s ability to learn and do well in school.

To locate participating See to Learn Eye Care Council doctors in your area, click here or call 1-800-960-EYES.