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For Doctors

Public Service Programs  

Enroll as a See to Learn provider.

To report results of See to Learn patient assessments, use the online reporting form (must be a registered See to Learn provider).  Reporting your STL patient encounters helps in our efforts to advocate for funding, resources, and policies that enhance vision care for children. 

Enroll as an InfantSEE provider.

To report results of InfantSEE patient encounters, use the online reporting form (requires AOA ID number).  Alternatively, a print/fax reporting form is also available.

Communicating With Local Schools

Communicate results of kindergarten vision evaluations and other eye exams to schools.  Use this sample school vision evaluation reporting form.  Sending results to schools enables their nurses to track students who were referred for further evaluation and to communicate with parents about vision issues that may impact a student's performance.